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Get acquainted with PIA Group

PIA Group is one of the fastest-growing accountancy and advisory groups in Belgium, with a very special DNA. We combine the best of two worlds. On the one hand, thanks to our size we provide maximum support to our offices in IT, digitisation, HR, training and advisory. On the other hand, the local office continues to be the focus, with its family and personal character maintained. Our clients and our employees guarantee it.

Are you passionate about accounting and finance, and do you want to be part of a growing organisation? In the PIA Group offices there’s always room for financial know-it-alls.

Four persuasive values

PIA Group helps you get the best from yourself and your career. We do that by searching together with you for a job that makes you happy. The core values in this are:

1. Ambitious

The PIA Group is driven and strives to moves forward every day. Lifelong learning is possible thanks to customised education and training courses. There are endless opportunities for continued growth for anyone who wants them.

2. Collegial

The warm atmosphere in the workplace is one of the greatest assets. You notice it both in the personal service provided to our clients, and among colleagues. We make time to get to know each other better; for example, at the team building events we organise within each office.

3. Authentic

Every office maintains its own identity, its own specialities and a unique DNA. In the PIA Group you work for a local office, with the advantages of a large group.

4. Close to home

You’ll find our offices throughout Flanders and Brussels. Discover them on the map below. Nothing’s nicer than working close to home without long commutes or traffic.

“From the very beginning you can count on enthusiastic and experienced colleagues to optimally develop your talent!”


PIA Group is always nearby, wherever you are. The offices are spread throughout Flanders; you’ll find an overview on the map below.

The PIA Group in numbers

Do you love numbers as much as our Financial Know-it-Alls?


The organisation now consists of 640 financial know-it-alls who like nothing better than giving the right advice.


PIA Group has a great client portfolio: 25,000 clients who are happy with the service.


37 offices are members of the group, so there are 37 places where you can apply directly


100% desire to grow and to welcome extra financial know-it-alls to the team

*June 2021 figures: You can rest assured they’ll continue to climb!

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